The world made me a rapper. I did eight years in prison for some assault charges and stuff, got out and my homeboy was just recording me and he started putting it up on Youtube. Everybody in their own lane. Like I said, I never wanted to be a rapper. I just came off tour in France.

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Once he found out who I was, it was a go. Please take a second to donate on Patreon! It was just so easy. How did the song with Scarface come about?

I always had a tune in my head since I was a boy. I got an old soul, man [laughs] Do you want your music to have a certain impact? By the way you rap, it souul like you read a ton of books. I really keep it to myself. Even the name of my next album is Straight From The Heart. The world made me a rapper. I did eight years and two months later people knew me.


The world really asked for that acapella like that. And I am a gospel oll, I fear God like no other. After serving almost a decade in prison, Alpoko Don came soup to Greenville, South Carolina in May of and started banging on his porch with a pen and rapping to it. I mean, they was trying alpoko don the ol soul ep pull me in.

Alpoko don the ol soul ep download

It was my cousin. I just came off tour in France. I like to kick it in the studio, but I get my work done first. Live From Youtube EP. He uploaded the videos to Youtube under the name Dondada and they quickly racked up alopko of views. I got tired of everyone saying I sound like Scarface.

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Question in the Form of An Answer: An Interview with Alpoko Don | Passion of the Weiss

Yeah everything on tap. But I love Timbaland, I love Pharrell. And that Scarface song will be out first quarter next year. I just like to keep it real and that was my tool for prison.


Alpoko Don – Ol’ Soul EP (Trailer) [User Submitted]

It was really just me [laughs]. I rapped with other people, had songs with my cellmates and other people. I was trying to get myself together, have ddon a little family and whatever. So I just give it everything I got.

It was really just for me. When I came to prison, I had like songs. Rapping is so easy.

Alpoko Don – Ol’ Soul EP (Trailer) [User Submitted] | Video

Tell me how you actually captured the sound of beating on the porch in the studio. How did it get out?

I love to write, you feel me? Mjeezy he worked with Wayne.