Fixed a crash in the project saving code that happened due to opening a file twice at the same time. Removed the “Compile Current File” option. Fixed UI glitch in the Debug Tab: Opening braces after a ‘default’ keyword are now completed correctly. Instead, compiler settings are set by the current compiler profile. Fixed a bug in “Shorten Compiler Paths” that mixed up library and binary paths.

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Added icons to the context menus of the project browser. The compiler set validator now does not complain if executables are not set. Fixed a argument highlighting problem in the function tooltip.

Partially rewritten the file change monitor code. Slightly improved performance of the function tooltip.

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Posted by Orwell at 9: Hopefully fixed the infamous “Thread Error” exceptions. Fixed a crash in the class browser that happened when it had to redraw during parsing. Added an option to directly add a file to a folder in the project tree.


Fixed dev c++ 5.8.3 bug in TCppParser that caused it to ignore project include paths. Fixed a crash in the file change monitor code. All windows are now opened at the centre of the main window instead of at random places across random monitors. It is now immune to overflows due to arguments of length more than Completed closing symbols are now deleted when the corresponding opening character is deleted. Makefiles are now highlighted as if they are source files. Updated Japanese language files.

Fixed some bugs in the preprocessor: The 64bit compiler currently provides much more headers and libraries.

EditorSaveTimer dev c++ 5.8.3 corrupted the editor views. Fixed a crash in TEditorList. Fixed UI glitch in the Debug Tab: Compile log now mentions the output filename under Compilation Results. Fixed an “External Exception” when handling compiler sets. Templates can now now not set the built in compiler settings anymore when creating a project. Cache saving speed has been improved infinitely when the cache is bigger than dev c++ 5.8.3.


More bugs that I forgot about or are not important enough to mention. The 64bit compiler can create 64bit and 32bit executables and DLLs. Updated Chinese and Chinese traditional translations. The console pauser can now pass 32K characters to the running program instead of just 1K.

Fixed an undo bug in Duplicate Line functionality. The setup which does not include a compiler can be downloaded here 2MB.

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Time for some fixes for the 5. Posted by Orwell at 1: Improved multiple file opening performance. When only changing case during a Rename, the input file will not be deleted anymore. Removed the “Compile Current File” option.