Replace a tower by tapping it and then selling it for cash. This game is amazing! Fieldrunners HD Description from Publisher: Some levels are nearly impossible to beat. For people with applying towers on the bottom row having trouble, simply zoom in and place the tower. In the game You take part in the real war and are on the side of the defending forces. This game never gets old, and if it does, just notch up one difficult level higher.

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Where is field runners 2 for android?? The towers float about 2cm above where my finger is, making it impossible to fieldrunners hd 1.15 apk any towers near the very bottom of the screen.

I think the developer is out of business. One of the best TD’s Good graphics, good controls and smooth game play make this TD game a must have. A Classic Tower Defense Game! I can’t put anything there and sometimes the game shuts off. Top download in Games.

Fieldrunners HD APK – Download Fieldrunners HD APK ( MB)

I’ve hc game but without anything new. Can’t play on my phone, but have no issues on the tab. Jan 3, Get it on: Defend your base and control the field using a diverse selection of upgradeable towers in a limitless adventure. In the game You take part in the real war and are on the side of the defending forces.


Could someone please suggest or regulate it?

Fieldrunners HD

Limits gameplay quite a fleldrunners. Running into issue on nexus In the strategy more than levels in 4 different maps. Update happy wheels instalikes itube dj liker happy chick.

The seventh is a shotgun tower that sounds like it would be a lot of fun to use.

Fieldrunners 1.20 APK

Keeps crashing after any selection is made in the opening main menu. As others have reported you cannot place towers on the bottom row of the screen which makes the game unplayable.

Can’t play on my Nexus 7 I can play on my phone and it works fine well except for not being able to put towers on the bottom fieldrunners hd 1.15 apk but when I try to play on my N7 and the app opens but if I try to click anything it just closes the app. I can only play for minutes. It’s a shame really. I am having problem like the rest of samsung galaxy s2 users. Fieldrunners HD Video Guide 1.


This is an old favorite, please fix! Butter smooth on ZTE blade. Total Conquest Mod and Hack Choose from 7 awesome weapons to defeat the Fieldrunners with style!

Music wonderfully themed to each environment! Great Game but there’s a tower missing! If you need strategy game,tower alk game,zombie game,cartoon wars,fighting game,castle defense,rpg game, Fieldrunners HD APK is the best addicting game,entertaining game,super fun,amazing game,free game. Welcome to the world of Fieldrunners HD, the most anticipated and visually stunning game in mobile Tower Defense history, now available on Android with updated hi-def graphics!

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Does anyone actually TEST this?