Musical events organized by this website on the occasion of Pachishe Boishakh. D Scholar – Rabindrasangit, Visva Bharati. Tagore songs start with alphabet ‘A’ is listed below in ascending order. Make your voice heard You can reach thousands of Rabindrasangit listeners through your own voice. As its popularity worldwide the lyrics in English script originally in Bengali language and the internal meaning of a song is highly demanded all over the world. Apart from that Tagore’s musical thoughts is included in this app which is very beneficial for us.

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Tagore songs start with A | Complete information

Please support us to spread Tagore’s thoughts across the globe. Is this website helpful to you? Lyric and background history with taal, raag, parjaay. If the end of a such division has ‘ II ‘ sign, one has to return notatoon the start of the Sthaayee.

Now from this version gitabitan notation of these contents will be available in different pages, not in the same page.

Each Bengali notation or swaralipi can be downloaded or printed online, given in pdf format. I am using the app ‘Rabindrasangit Swarabitan’ for last few days developed by our research scholars.

How to read notation or swaralipi

People used to access all the gitabitan notation contents of a particular song in a single page. Additionally viewers have the opportunity to download or print the lyric, notation and staff notation as pdf files are available with the songs.


Hope we will finish it up very soon. Complete information of Tagore songs all about Rabindra sangeet. In the previous version all the lyric pages are loaded ggitabitan the contents of Bengali and English lyric, notation swaralipi in Bengali, pdf links for notation, pdf and midi links for staff notation, English translation, Hindi translation gitabitan notation about the song i.

Drop us a message if you have any suggestion, feedback, query etc. I am really happy to see such an initiative.

Collection of Tagore songs By Geetabitan. Additionally we have been constantly working on to include English translations and staff notations for all the songs.

Is this website helpful to you? How to read notation or swaralipi 1. Get complete information of musical composition, gitabitan notation, background history for all the songs listed below. Alternate notations are also provided where these are available. Please find the navigation links which looks like this image below is available in all the lyric pages at the bottom of the page.

You can check out events and post a new event related to Rabindrasangit. Staff notations and midi files are available for download. After completing the Sthaayee part onward movement to other parts gitabitan notation notationn.


To find a song and its related elements i. The notation incorporates a typical style to represent different periods of time for notes and rests. You gitabitan notation reach thousands of Rabindrasangit listeners through your own voice. Rabindra Sangeet Tagore song has its own style, rhythm, base and many things to gitabtan when it is sung.

This is free service to our viewers and if you find it unavailable you may request for it. Bengali lyric, English transliteration, notes of the song i. Publish your column Send your writings to publish.

Tagore songs start with A – Complete information of all the songs

Subscribe for news letter to get updates. People may request for it if found ‘not available’. In the year and This technique needs a ntation analysis.