Exercise caution when you run this command. According to the encryption principle of the asymmetric encryption system, the public and private keys are generated to implement secure key exchange. The ssh client keepalive-maxcount command sets the maximum number of keepalive packets sent by the SSH client. If the user named user-name to whom a public key is assigned does not exist, the system automatically creates an SSH user named user-name and performs the configured authentication for the SSH user. If the name of the downloaded file is the same as that of an existing local file, the system prompts you whether to overwrite the existing file. The specified working directory must exist on the SFTP server.

huawei esn changer

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The user-interface vty security-policy disable command cannot clear any user authentication request that has been pending for a long time to access the VTY user interface.

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Usage Guidelines Usage Scenario You can run the display configuration candidate command to check whether a configuration to be committed is correct and whether it conflicts with existing configurations. The value is an integer ranging from 0 to Dsn lcd command displays the local working directory of the FTP client, while the pwd command displays the working directory of the FTP server. The lock command locks the current user interface to prevent unauthorized users from operating the interface.

After you set the authentication mode for accessing a user interface to passwordrun the set authentication password command to configure an authentication password.

If a user logs in to the device and does not perform an operation, the user interface is occupied unnecessarily. You can configure the start time and end time for periodic DST in one of the following modes: To check information about client IP addresses that are locked because of authentication failures, run the display ssh server ip-block list command.


The character string of command must contain the parameters defined in parameterand each parameter can only be included in command once. The undo user-interface maximum-vty command restores the default maximum number of login users. If label label-name is specified, you uhawei view information about the ECC key pair with a specific label.

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If the current directory is the root directory of the ezn card, you can perform the preceding configuration using the relative path. When you run this command, the system prompts you to confirm whether to change the original key if the DSA key exists. For example, when you enter 0, the start time is Saving RSA key pairs consumes system memory and file resources.

huawei esn changer

Specifies the source interface, including the interface type and number. Compared with the RSA algorithm used by the rsa local-key-pair create command, the ECC algorithm shortens the key length, accelerates the encryption, and improves the security.

The SFTP server authorizes users to access files in certain directories and their subdirectories. OpenSSL is an open source software. If you have learned the IP address of the device, you can run this command to log in to the device from your terminal for remote device configuration. One shortcut cahnger can be set for only one command.

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The device fails to generate RSA key pairs with labels when the number of RSA key pairs reaches the upper limit specified by this command. The ssh authentication-type default password command configures the default password authentication mode for SSH users. The value is a string of 1 to case-sensitive characters without spaces in the [ drive ] path format.


Usage Guidelines The system and terminal login software must use the same character set; otherwise, Chinese characters may be displayed as garbled characters.

The system manages users at levels to control their access huswei. After you configure an encoding format for a DSA public key, Huawei data communications device automatically generates a DSA public key in the configured encoding format and enters the DSA public key view. If one or multiple devices on the network need to be configured and managed, you do not need to connect each device to your terminal for local maintenance.

If you enter the plaintext password when specifying cipher passwordsecurity risks exist. Therefore, they are not recommended in the HMAC authentication algorithm list.

huawei esn changer

The display mib-index interface command displays the index value of an interface in the MIB. If the interface number is not specified, the index values of all interfaces of the type are displayed. The display vty ip-block vty-password-mode all command displays all IP addresses that fail to be authenticated.

You must run the ecc local-key-pair create command to generate a local ECC host key pair before using the command.

huawei esn changer