Or go over a phonics concept that your child is already familiar with to get back on track. Also, ask her whether she understands the joke. Kat can quack at a pal. You want him to be able to read the way he speaks, so ask him to read each sentence to himself and then say it out loud with expression. Here are some very short stories that your child can read to reinforce her understanding of the short e sound.

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At some point, she finishes that one and wants a new puzzle to solve. At this point, as you introduce the letter i, you want your child to understand the differences between a and i.

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Pursuing Plurals and Compound Words. Instructor pointing to the sentence: The big bug was a tick. Finding Happy Endings with Suffixes. Make cards for each letter of the alphabet, kindersley autocad font include upper and lower cases of the alphabet. Copy these sentences, or rewrite them kihdersley your child. Prior to her death inSister Monica was a teacher, guidance counselor, principal, and a reading and curriculum consultant.

Knowing 5 words well is better than trying to learn 20 words and forgetting most of them by tomorrow. Table shows you a sample progress log. Ask your child to say ma t. Gus will run and hug Sis.


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Here are some tips for creating flashcards: Ask him what he hears. As you progress autoacd your lessons with your child, you can keep adding more cards while discarding the ones your child already knows well.

Getting Ready to Read with Phonics Getting Your Child And You into the Swing of Things Before getting into the nitty-gritty of phonics, you first need to examine and warm up to the idea of instructing your child. Setting Up Your Teaching Aids and Techniques 33 Forget all the gizmos and fancy features of the school stores and catalogs.

If she autocac a hard time pronouncing the short e sound or making the distinction autocxd e and i, have her say the word echo or etch. So put your thinking cap on and kindersley autocad font up with kindersley autocad font own personalized choice of delights. Introducing Short e Here I introduce your child to the short e as heard in the word elephant. Exploring the Fundamentals of Phonics For the sake kineersley unity, all the consonant keywords such as mop, tent, apple, and sun are included in this chapter, although not all are basic consonant sounds.

Then move to the bottom set of columns and do the same thing.

You go over the first steps of learning and find out how easy and inexpensive it really kindersley autocad font to teach someone. Take a little more time to read the following sections to get a real feel for how this book works. Learning word recognition requires you to emphasize the sound.


I introduce myself to the children by using only the consonants in my name, Ssn Grv. Think of this log as a report card that you and your child view with great interest.

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Van, jab, wag, and quack These kindersley autocad font letters v, j, w, and q have few practice words, because so few one-syllable words that start with these letters have the short sound of a auutocad them. Your self-confidence rubs off on your child. For example, you can have ma on the front of the card and mat on the back. Children and is able to hang on to them.

My printing expert taught me a cardinal rule about printing: Fun with Dick and Jane Kids often fly through the classic, adorable Dick and Jane Readers that you can still purchase at your local retail outlets and toy stores.

Mix it up a little. Now you decide autocav to put on the flashcards.