Can you confirmar what is thw problema? I agree Learn more. When you will make next sync all changes will be promoted to your phone. Hi, currently we support contacts synchronization only. How to flash stock firmware on a26?????

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They have disappeared and even sms in my mail box have gone. Sent from my A using xda premium. Hello, if do not have any other backup, you can try to restore all contacts stored at PhoneCopy, using PhoneCopy application. I have backed up my sms for my xperia mini pro and after restoring they not there.

When you will exceed number of contacts again, your account will be automatically blocked again. It can take few minutes until the account is unlocked. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. Directly from Google Play or from our page android. We found only active micromax a26 mobile software list. I am using WiFi. All sms stored in your account will be uploaded back to phone. If you are using phonecopy for business purposes or you installed it to business mobile phone, you should buy Premium.


Hi, it looks you selected wrong contacts database for synchronization. Is this the case? Recently i lost my old phone samsung galaxy s3 so today i tried to synchronize the contacts from phone copy server to a my new phone Motorolla Droid Razor But when I try syncronizing, it gives an error message “The number of data items for free account has been exceeded 7 days ago”.

I can see successfull synchronization of your phone. Your request has not relation to PhoneCopy. Hi i have this problem below.

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Then you can delete SMS from the server to fit limits. Premium is set immediatelly when the payment is processed.

Press synchronized and you will get contacts synchronized to your phone. I can se active and 0 deleted contacts only. How can i sync those on to my new phone. Solved via private mail. Android OS in your mixromax has several contacts databases and when you are setting PhoneCopy username and password there you can choose which contact database you want to synchronize. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.


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I accidentally said “yes” when phone copy asked me if I wanted to synch my SMS. Please go to Account settings and Existing user and select correct database which you want to synchronize mkbile. I have a phone “Huawey Ascend Y” and I have not found in the list of compatible phones.

It is already availabe with our latest application version. The phone has contacts.

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Have you any idea? Almost nobody has personal contacts. Because you selected “WhatsApp” contacts database which contains only names. Please guide me, i dont want to tyoe it again gokul.