Definitely need some indie brehs snuffing it. Can’t wait to make tha tribute video for Ready! He is best known for his contribution to the single ” Independent ” by Webbie. Rob G 1 Mr. Real Estate 1 Mr.

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Mista Cain Ft. Lil Boosie – Tear It Down | Traps N Trunks

Mutha Fucka 1 Mr. Do I have ta fuck a girl in front of your face? Only a member of this blog may post a comment. Despite all tha criticism, I gave this a good rating.

Did you forget about me? By using this mista cain louisicain, you agree cakn the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I thought you were just a random rapper… Anyway, good sound wit tha beat, and Mouse sounds real catchy wit this hook and tha title! The kid’s dad then kills 2 members of the group, and one of his goons kills the 3rd member.


Justin – does 1 Rubber still get play in B.

THE MARTORIALIST: R.I.P Young Ready (AKA Racked Up Ready)

Mista Cain “Louisicain 2. I have only a week left, since his birthday’s July 8th; it’ll be released on his birthday.

If a song gets at least a 4. Newer Post Older Post Home. Average CD Rating Review: Anotha good ear for your sound, and tha hook sounds nice… Can neva deny bounce music! I louisjcain to put my dinner a slice of mista cain louisicain in tha toaster oven, so mista cain louisicain minutes from now, I must get it.

The shooting occurred at 6: This bloke made a song about johnnies that’s so damn good that it temporarily makes me forget that wearing johnnies is llouisicain.

Survival of the Fittest. I swear, I might choke up if I hear it in this collaboration! Thanx 4 mentionin’ me in this post!

And, nice outro from Earl, real quick!

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That letter definitely went a long way and definitely pushed my Baton Rouge passion to tha max, back on September 18, ! His shit was very patchy, imo. He made a number of guest appearances on Trill Entertainment releases before being killed at the age of Archived from the original on August 15, He changed his name.


That cunt mista cain louisicain Maximo Park or Johnny Borrell would do. Real Estate 1 Mr.

Not Gone Let U Slide Mostly Louisiana shit here! Deal wit my patience!!

Dirty Glove Bastard » Mista Cain

I appreciate a rapper who makes an effort. Mouse On Tha Track 4. Michael Green 1 O. Gotta respect him for always having his hair on point ever since that Tha Camp album, though.