First and foremost, the album is made incredibly well. The vocals on this album are, as many have pointed out on message boards and comment sections the internet over, very weird at times, and I like that. Despite its criticisms, I certainly enjoyed this album. Nile has always been a superb band and different from all the other acts in the world today, the deep rooted inspiration of Karl Sanders gave a lot of meanings to the core of the band and made the technical elements so expressive, and Dallas Toler-Wade have always won his wars against the neck of his guitar, every single pounding riff here shows how the western instruments such as guitars can reflect a very deep ancient Egyptian essence. The bass I’m sure would be wonderful if I could actually hear it. Nile are so good they have 3 albums I could easily consider their best and among the best death metal albums of all time.

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The guitar work is the best you’ll hear on any death metal record. JKShredJuly 5th, The heavy nlle on grind also seems to gatess taken what little focus the band put on melodic riffs, which leaves At the Gate of Sethu feeling chaotic instead heavy, but also monochromatic. This allows the band to largely eschew the atmospheric interludes which usually pop up with alarming frequency to remind you that, hey, it’s all so Egyptian. Nile should need no introduction. It’s a damn shame they couldn’t write better material to compliment their skills though.

Dark Cornatus Powerslave Posts: Unlike previous albums, the overall sound of the band on At the Gate of Sethu is pitifully lacking in power.


JMWeaverJuly 7th, AHEM but Nile pretty much pulled this one off but wasn’t digging the production that much. Finally, six albums have been made in the past and a new album is calling for your ears this year, I wont compare this album with any other release, because somehow there are a lot of new and old touches here, so just let your mind judge gwtes brutality and the beauty of this record while nole the tracks a listen, sink inside the Egyptian legends and enjoy every single riff, this record is very recommended for all the death metal fans around the world.


The riffs and sections meander around, exploring no doubt very complex time signatures and phrasings, but ultimately leave the listener uninterested. The drumming here, according to Karl, were supposed to be kicked up a notch here. This album, however, leans much further toward using these nile at the gates of sethu as a semi-permanent third vocalist, which becomes somewhat grating in songs like “Tribunal of the Dead”. Despite being deep into their career and firmly seated nilee the upper echelon of popular extreme metalfo band have had a knack of sticking to their guns whilst their peers succumb to their own success.

So basically this album is really good. XenokristApril 11th, In Sanders’ push to appease Hitler, he forgot the lessons of history: USA Had the album for a few days, so far I love it. I could go on and on with him, but I think everyone knows he’s one of the most talented in the genre, so if you find a source of disappointment on here, that certainly won’t be him.

Nile – At the Gate of Sethu – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Written by Marcel Hubregtse on At the Gate of Sethu Nile. Nile managed to start some tracks with atmospheric atmosphere full of imagination and fancy, the track “When My Nile at the gates of sethu Is Done” starts with a stringy instrument which gave an ancient depth to the song, the track continued its coarseness and barbarity and seductive solos, some additional keyboards have been added here to give some dimensions too.


But whereas Cannibal Corpse has made slight variations to their sound over the years to keep listeners on their toes and attentive tye headbangingNile have made if same album again that they’ve made the last two or three times, only much less interesting than the last two or ta albums before this one.

Hell, the tracks that stick with me the most even after another full listen are the two Egyptian music interludes, which are absolutely breathtaking. It pretty much sounds like ripped off melodies from Those Whom the Gods Detest and honestly sounds like a B-side from that album.

When my Wrath is Done is by far the highlight track on this album, even though Sethy is my least favorite out of the Nile collection. I kind of doubt there is anything on here that no one else could play, but there is still some moderately interesting stuff. Posted by Jeremy Ulrey on July 3, at Buy their CD, it worth.

Nile – At the Gate of Sethu Review

Vocally, Sanders vocals are top notch, delivering the growls one is to expect. Both Dallas and Karl are very powerful vocalists, so you can always expect that aspect of a Nile record to be good no matter what the music is like.

For anyone trying to get into this band, do not start with this album. The guitar tone is a tad thin tbe the bass is practically inaudible most of the time. Written by axelx on As for vocals, some of them are different.