With my Sony Vaio i watch Promotheus all times I want! What sold me on was the downloadable Android app that made my droidx into a remote control for Tmt5. Too bad Roxio does not sell BD player software. Is it because of our different locations?.. Maybe you don’t know what its mean “OEM”! I use the software Cineplayer BD for the Bluray first of all!

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I bet it comes with software, but wont include updates for life unfortunately. Shipping charges will not be refunded.

I can’t wear contact lens or sun glasses. Well, my wity humble apologies, again. Very disappointed but what can you do besides spend your money elsewhere Clicking this brings up the 3D-display configuration:.

3D Blu Ray – Watch Full HD Movies in 3D with Native 3D Vision Support|NVIDIA UK

I am a fan of ati since several years. In the first section of this window, you see the option to turn on Blu-ray 3D playback support.

I’d like to protest at this way of conducting business. So far it works fine.

Roxio Cineplayer® With 3D And Bd – General Chat – Roxio Community

I sorry bring this up People like me who have sigth problems these silly glasses won’t mean thing. Look at the Corel offerings. If you like it you’re supposed to buy the upgrade. I can play blu-ray 3d titles perfect as well using 3d vision. Do you know the difference between a magnesium case and roxio cineplayer bd with 3d in plastic? What sold me on was the downloadable Android app that made my droidx into a remote control for Tmt5.


So as far as I can tell, the answer to your question is no. This can be done with a simple slider. DLL file update for CinePlayer versions 1. I have 3d vision but no br drive It plays bluray 3d no problem tested on coudblablaballs.

I don’t see where say it plays Bd it should in order to play it in 3d cant on dvd I already download the trail for Corel Windvd pro 11 I might buy I soon unless can find one cheaper. I didn’t realize you just needed to have 33d emitter attached, but could still use the DLP-link glasses. Sign In Sign Up. If you would like a BR player you can nd, you may have to pay for it.

Blu-ray 3D On The PC: The Tom’s Hardware Review

I dont think will make a great difference for now as it seems many people have praised the acer to be very close to much more expensive projectors for 3D. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome.


Then I did some googling and found a couple discount codes. The BD protection schemes have changed several times and the Roxio program hasn’t been updated as frequently.

3D Blu Ray Software Players

You can adjust the apparent depth of the 3D effect with the 3D Scene Depth slider. I didn’t change the operating system, but changes are constantly being made by others. I can wihh get a person to talk with and my email request for help has so far been ignored.

How long was it before HD took off? I am planning to get an acer H as i have just invested in roxio cineplayer bd with 3d AE for 2D, so i am not going to get an RS40 or something or even a sharp 3D for now. Having used both, cineplayer works just as well as tmt. I couldn’t determine the version of your CinePlayer BD from the screenshot.