Because it’s Bullet Seed. July 11, at October 23rd, 2: If you could provide further details, thank you so much. I really wish there was a Mart in the Moriya area! Find Byakuren and release her.

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Touhoumon Another World | Aichiya Sanae’s Net Word

Bike does not work in Gensokyo, and patch of grass in masara town only spawns Sakuya and Yumeko after very long time in it. Im playing another world on my cellphone! Touhoumon another world are found in the Forest of Magic. They can all be accessed somehow. Originally Posted by JetAurion.

I already had a friend of mine who had the same problem, and it appears that he switched to k while already having a save. December 16, at Good evening everyone to start… I have a question: Items also tend to glitch out. Is that a problem? Admittedly, there are still 1.


No account? No worries.

She has a Tome. September 17, at Feedback – Since I want to know what you guys want. Notify me of new comments via email. July 20, at How can I meet Nitori and Momiji?

From there, equip Patchy as first slot, then in battle switch Boneka. Switching to k memory will not fix the problem if you started the game with 64k. When I used the glitched IPS patcher, it worked, but the dialogue is glitched and runs wofld the top of previous dialogue.

Lower level to 13 and change Faint Attack to Pursuit. It’s been a long night, I’ve barely slept.

[Idea] Touhoumon: Another World Remix – The PokéCommunity Forums

Patching is slightly less standard here than in other hacks. Originally Posted by Hopeless Masquerade Well I think the first step would be returning the trees and grass to the default FireRed colors and building from there.

Well Touhoumon another world think the first step would be returning the trees and grass to the default FireRed colors and building from there. Go back to Hakurei Shrine. I have a question. Thank you for the information, Aichi… I tested today, and as you probably expected, changing Kirisame to Ditto egg group does make everything work perfectly…. Originally Posted by machomuu.


Anyone know how to fix this touhoumon another world I got all previous tomes, beat all people even E4…. Please help October 18, at Aichiya, is that right?

June 18, at For now there’s not really any reason to use the.

For VBAlink, the save file needs to have an extension of.