We provide a reading environment DocReader specifically designed for low vision document reading. Program echo is your personal navigation system. Level 2 screen magnification and screen reader: Tracking allows users to jump to a location on the screen when a Windows event occurs. Voice type, volume, pitch of voice, and rate of speech can be varied, as can its verbosity level the amount of spoken detail. You can create up to 10 reading zones for each of your applications.

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Recording time varies depending on the size of content being recorded, selected voice and recording destination. We also looked at version 7. Mouse Echo Mouse Echo automatically reads text beneath the mouse pointer.

In DocReader, the prompter option allows the display to be set to wrap lines of magnified text so they do not exceed the width of the display screen. A zoom window displays a magnified zoomtexy of the computer screen.

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See photos as they were meant to be seen in Internet Explorer In your normal work flow you may be interested in only a few of these fields. This program offers magnification levels from two to 16 times, advanced edge smoothing for quality zoomtext xtra at any magnification level; zoom windows that magnify exactly what the user desires to see; intelligent tracking of the mouse, caret, menus, controls, and windows; cursor size and color enhanement for ease in locating the cursor; and filter screen colors with contrast, grayscale, and inversion settings.


ZoomText provides eight zoom window types: While it does not interfere with their operation, it does not provide magnification for many games and activities. Did Ai Squared get it right or did the company get bogged down trying to make everyone happy? As a screen magnifier, the only weakness was panning in Windows NT. Innovative color controls zoomtext xtra screen clarity and reduce eyestrain.

As a result, many fonts text characters are difficult to read, including small fonts, serif and italic fonts, and cursive fonts. You can choose to have individual keys, words, zoomtext xtra both spoken. ZoomText Xtra offers the ability to invert foreground and background colors and adjust gray scale, brightness, and contrast. As you move the pointer across the screen, single words or complete lines of text are echoed.

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Size and color enhancements make it easy to see the mouse pointer. Screen magnification and screen reading. Automatically speaks all program controls, including menus, dialogs, list views and messages. AbleData does zoomtext xtra produce, distribute or sell any of the products listed on this website, but we provide you with information on how to contact manufacturers or distributors of these products. Full range of magnification levels up to 36x up to 60x in Windows 8.


A control panel or tool bar provides a convenient user interface. You can read automatically or manually navigate by word, line, sentence zoomtext xtra paragraph.

Zoomtext Xtra Level 1 & Zoomtext Xtra Level 2

If you are interested in purchasing a product, you can find companies who sell it below. In Windows Vista, magnification and screen reader support is enabled at the log on stage.

You can choose to have all keys spoken or only selected zoomtext xtra of keys.

Requires a 5-point or greater multi-touch device. Can I choose a voice for Background Reader to use?

ZoomText and Fusion: 2019

Listen to what Background Zoomtext xtra is speaking while browsing web pages Listen to what Background Reader is speaking while viewing corresponding information, such as pictures and illustrations. Level 2 also includes an enhanced DocReader module with integrated speech. ZoomText is available in two editions: However, unlike the imprints from the caret locator, which appeared to be a fluke in 7.

Users are required to hold down the left mouse button, which leaves only one zoomyext left for other operations. To change it, just go to your Speech Settings.